Thursday, October 23, 2008

Looking Ahead

I know that it's only Friday (or soon to be) but I am really looking forward to the coming days. Saturday afternoon/evening we will be with many of our church family to celebrate a marriage. I'm looking forward to the whole event--wedding ceremony, reception dinner and the party that will follow. I'll have to plan a little bit ahead to get my bags packed and car loaded up so that I can be on the road by 6 am Sunday morning.

Sunday morning will find me across the state in Herculaneum, MO at the New Testament Baptist Church for the morning service. I'll spend the afternoon with Chris' dad and then be back at their church for an evening magic show. Afterwards I'll drive into downtown St. Louis and check into the Millennium Hotel where I'll be spending the next few days. The Millennium is the host hotel for the Annual Convention of the Missouri Southern Baptist Convention. (That sounds a bit like The Department of Redundancy Department).

For anybody that cares (if indeed anybody cares) the one thing that is worse than the politics surrounding the Presidential campaign, it is the politics found in large religious organizations! Fortunately, I'm only there as a representative of the Fellowship of Missouri Baptist Evangelists and won't have anything to do with all of the posturing and politics. I will get to meet many old friends and make some new contacts for future engagements as the retirement date keeps getting closer...3 years, 2 months and 13 days. I also hope to get together with some friends that are unassociated with the convention but that I don't get to see often. Ted Drewe's will be on the menu for the week and I'm looking forward to sharing that experience with some friends that have never been there before.

I am expecting to have a grand time. On the downside...I'll be in St. Louis on Hannah's 17th birthday. We'll make plans to celebrate on the weekend.

Life is sooooo good!



Mike said...

"it is the politics found in large religious organizations!"

The old saying "never talk religion or politics" goes out the window in a religious organization.

But a Ted Drewes can temporarily fix that.

Mike said...

I almost forgot. In the google gadgets you can get a countdown clock for your blog.

John said...

Amen on the Ted Drewe's fix!

bandit said...

Is that a virtual wedding in Herky?
(being from Jefferson county that's how we pronounce it)

Before going to Ted's I would suggest going to "The Hill" (formerly Dego Hill) for some of the best Italian food. It's in the same proximity as Ted's.
My personal favorites are Cannetto's or Zia's. Cannetto's house salad consists of romain lettuce, artichoke hearts,anchovies, feta cheese in a light vinegar and oil dressing.
Zia's house salad has a sweet oil based dressing and loaded with provel cheese Don't get me started on the wonderful entrees
At both of these establishments, The portions are larger and the prices are cheaper that the chains i.e. Pasta House, Olive Garden, etc.

John said...

Actually, the wedding is in Springfield.

I am familiar with The Hill. We lived and worked in St. Louis for 10+ years. Great places to eat!

Sicilian said...

Hmmmmmmm. . . . some of the biggest fights I've ever seen are at church board meetings or large denominational meetings. . . .and I found that it works just like the real world . . . if you want to win. . . do your homework. . . check your side to make sure you have the votes. . . and fight for your cause until the end . . . except in church fights. . . everyone kisses and makes up or tries to.
Just like the real world.