Friday, June 06, 2008

Talking Heads

With the Democratic nomination now sewn up it would only be natural for one to think that a post entitled Talking Heads would have something to do with politics. But then you remember where you are and realize that John likes to play with words.

I received a call the other day from my friend that owns three of the magic shops in Branson MO. He owns the shops at the Imax Theater, Celebration City and Silver Dollar City. Recently, he acquired a crystal ball. Apparently they have been playing with some technology that will allow them to project a video image into the crystal ball and are wanting to use that as a crowd gathering device in the Celebration City store.

When thinking about what fine looking head they could get to use...they were completely stumped. When they shifted to thinking about a story teller and a real character, they thought of yours truly.

Currently they are working on scripts and effects for the talking head and I am really looking forward to the video recordings.

Coming soon to a crystal ball near you...

I'll keep you posted.



Bilbo said...

So, it's true that magicians have crystal ... uh ... never mind.

Mike said...

Bilbo, you pulled a good one out of your hat.