Saturday, June 14, 2008

More on Religion and Politics

There is an interesting (all right, interesting may not be the best word here) debate going on over at Blogalogue. It's a site by and hosts internet debates on varying subjects having to do with religion. The current topic is How Would God Vote?

Right off I can say that it is pretty arrogant for anybody to say that they know how God would vote. Of course, one of the debaters accepts that role--not only knowing how God would vote but also telling you how you should vote. He's an idiot. However, I'm used to reading things written by idiots; I work for the FAA. At some point you just read the rants for the entertainment value (as little as it may be).

Check it out. At least one side seems reasonable and well thought out.


Yesterday, my impatience actually benefited me in a great way. It saved me from two quarter pound, double cheeseburgers from Hardee's and all of the associated health maladies. I pulled into Hardee's on my way to work the mid-shift at the tower. There were two cars ahead of me in the drive thru, apparently they had just got there since the first guy was just starting his order.

First driver: I'll have a #3 (combo) with extra mushrooms.

Voice from the speaker: Would you like that small, medium or large?

Driver: Hold on...(He pulls his head back into the car, turning to ask the person with him. After a moment...) Medium.

Speaker: Curly fries or regular fries?

Driver: Hold on...(He pulls his head back into the car, turning to ask the person with him. After a moment...) Curly fries.

Speaker: What would you like to drink?

Driver: Hold on...(He pulls his head back into the car, turning to ask the person with him. After a moment...)Diet Coke.

Speaker: Anything else?

Driver: Uhhhhhhh, yeah. (pause) Give me a #9 (combo).

Speaker: Would you like that medium, also?

Driver: Uhhhhhhh, yeah.

Speaker: Curly fries or regular fries?

Driver: Uhhhhhhh, curly.

Speaker: What would you like to drink?

Driver: Uhhhhhhh, diet coke.

At this point I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to be able to make it to work on time. Mercifully, the guy is finished with his order and pulls ahead.

Speaker: I can take your order when ever you're ready.

Driver 2: Do you still have the two double cheeseburgers for $3? (This question comes in spite of the sign on the marquis "1/4 pound double cheeseburgers, 2 for 3 dollars" and the huge posters in the windows on all sides of the building.)

Speaker: Yes, we do.

Driver 2: Hold on...

As she pulled her head into the car to discuss this fastfood revelation with her passenger I pulled out of the line and headed on to work. My heart and arteries are grateful to the drive through customers at Hardee's.

In this instance, it was Impatience that was a virtue!



Mike said...

I was going to save this for a post just for you but it seems like this is the place to pass it along to you. It's something to keep you really entertained.

As for the second part, remember, it's SATURDAY THE 14TH!

Sicilian said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh John. . . . Sweetie took me to a greasy spoon yesterday. . . . 1 regular chicken strip sandwich. .. . 1 1/2 order of huge onion rings. . . . I think I ate enough grease yesterday for both of us. . . . it was good. . . I rarely eat anything fried. . . . I will be working extra hard on my work out today. . . . You on the other hand can smile and know that your calorie intake was normal.

Steve said...

Dude, you're supposed to be watching the diet and losing weight, remember? So what the heck were you doing in a line for two quarter pound double cheeseburgers anyway? (there is not one word in that order that sounds good: "two" "quarter pound" "double" and "cheese." whew)

(now I'll get it next time I see an email that proclaims "it wasn't a good month..."

Bilbo said...

Well, there's yet another thing I'll have to add to my list of "things that grind my gears." I've often wished for a hood-mounted grenade launcher to remove morons from drive-in windows.