Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ups and Downs


Today was another grand Sunday. The choir sounded great. Joe Pulley had an awesome solo for special music and Pastor Terry brought a great message from The Gospel of John.

Hopedale is so blessed with incredible talent. It has been some time since I've heard Joe sing and I'm sure that the angels of heaven paused in their praise this morning long enough to check out the music coming from our little place!

The first Sunday in May is always Community Day at Hopedale. Today we had a beautiful day and a great crowd. I hope that every one of our guests had as much fun as I did. We used a different company for our inflatable rentals and they did a wonderful job. I'm pretty sure that we will use them again. The entire staff of the Party Station was great. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Hopedale, you guys are great. Another plus was that the guys in the children's department didn't recruit me for the dreaded dunk tank. I showed my gratitude by not throwing to dunk them!


After the choir sang for Community Day, Chris and Hannah headed across the state to visit Chris' mom. The reality of the trip is that it may be to say goodbye. The latest report is not good. It is doubtful that she will survive the month. Once Aaron is home from school, (Thursday) we will be making another trip should time allow it--either next weekend or the following one. We appreciate your prayers and thoughts.


Finally, a great sports story. Followers of ESPN are familiar with their home run feature Touch 'em All. This video Touching Them All is so much more than another home run story. It is a story of sportsmanship and character that will melt the coldest of hearts and move you to tears.
Check it out.



Rich said...

Hahahahaha! I just read the "Downs" as "the choir sang for Community Day"! I was gonna ream you!

I saw the ESPN report as well, and I'd be lying if I said that a tear didn't roll down the old eye while watching that story! Absolutely beautiful!

Mike said...

I was speed reading until I got to the words "inflatable rentals". I then went back and reread the first sentence in the paragraph and said to myself, OOHHHH, THAT'S what he was talking about.

Mike said...

I watched the video Touching Them All. This is the ending to a movie. Now all you have to do is write the first hour and a half of it. The only thing missing was the bottom of the ninth scenario.

John said...

Mike, do people really rent those things?