Thursday, May 08, 2008

Home for the Summer

Today I made the trip to Columbia to pack up and pick up Aaron from college.

I made a breakfast stop about a third of the way into the 3 hour drive to have breakfast with a magician friend and a friend of his (now also a friend of mine). We tarried an hour or so longer than I had anticipated but enjoyed catching up on what was happening and on some of the magic we've been working on.

Since I would now be arriving at Aaron's dormitory an hour later than I initially told him, the practical side of me had hoped that most of his stuff would be ready to load up when I arrived. Of course the reality was that he finally got around to getting out of bed when I called about a half hour before arriving. Even though his last class was over mid afternoon on Wednesday, I wasn't too shocked that we had to pretty much pack everything before loading up the cars and then he still had to clean the room before checking out.

Tomorrow he begins the search for a summer job.

Hannah is doing great with her drum lessons. Tonight I heard her demonstrating for Aaron what she's learned so far. Pretty good for just 6 lessons!

Well as the school year winds itself down, I wonder...Were there any teachers/coaches/administrators that made a special impact on your life?

I really had some great teachers. Overall, I think that teachers are pretty special people...especially in today's schools with today's social issues. I had so many teachers that had a knack for making learning fun. I was one of those kids that really liked school. Oh I cut my share of classes and even got sent to the principal's office once...but I had fun in school. Maybe too much fun. Even though I managed to do well enough to get an academic scholarship, I had absolutely no good study habits. If there is one thing that I wish I would have learned in high school, it would have been how to study.

Here's a link to a story about a coach that taught students about life.

Who but a teacher could influence a generation of new thinkers?



Amanda said...

"Were there any teachers/coaches/administrators that made a special impact on your life?"

I feel a little sad saying 'no' to this one. But its really true.

And, even though Aaron is years from starting school, I seem to be full of doubt that he will meet any inspiring teachers. Yeah....pessimistic me....

I do HOPE that I'm wrong though.

Bilbo said...

I've had some very good teachers, but none that I can say "made a special impact on my life." Unless, of course, you count my parents. Our parents are, of course, the teachers who have the deepest and most long-lasting impact on our lives. They're also the ones who are least appreciated until many years after the lessons that allowed us to pass life's tests.

Sicilian said...

I have had several inspirational teachers from elementary - high school.
I found it interesting that you didn't get to upset that your son wasn't packed. . .. My hot Sicilian temper would have come unglued . . . . good job Dad!