Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dilemma Solved

In a two for one trade I have solved the Memorial Day Weekend dilemma. Pastor Terry will be in town for this weekend and gone the following weekend. That gives me the morning and evening services on June 1st (instead of the morning service this Sunday) followed by a week at children's camp!

Chris is still deciding on whether or not she'll be going to her folks so White Castle's and Ted Drewes' are potential stops for the weekend. (Mike, are you good for Ted's on short notice?)

I've noticed that the list of blogs that I subscribe to is getting longer and longer. Some are from daily bloggers and other are more like Out of My Hat. I'll be updating my blogroll soon by adding some and deleting others that are no longer active.



Sicilian said...

I have done what you have done. . . I've added and deleted blogs.
I notice some things are not as enjoyable as they once were..

Kevin said...

Nothing like a little divine intervention to help solve your dilemma. Sounds like you got some.

Mike said...

I'll be leaving as soon as I log off and be waiting for you in one of the parking lots. Look for a guy that's been eating WC's and TD's for 4 days.