Monday, January 01, 2018

2018: chapter 1, page 1


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January 1

This year's story begins cold and clear.
The sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside!
But it is cold! 0 degrees (-17.8c to the rest of the world)!

The rest of the crew is still sleeping as I sip my morning coffee. Soon we will be out for breakfast (or lunch) and then the kids (Aaron and Jenny) will be on the road to Chicago. Hannah and Daniel will be preparing for the house closing at the end of the week and Chris will be back to work tomorrow after her 6 weeks off from surgery.

And I'll be back to my simple routine of ...well, I guess I don't really have a routine.
A little routine would be a good thing. I want my 2018 to have a little consistency; at least in some areas. I'm okay with taking life as it comes at you, but being prepared by being healthy takes some steady planning.
The fitness plan for January is in place and the first goal is simple -- get healthy and in shape. I'll be over on Healthy Living a little more often as the year begins and keeping up with health and fitness over there. I'll try to get there later today with my early goals.

More reading and more writing are also in the plans for 2018. I just finished two fiction books which were enjoyable reads. I should read more fiction.
January will also include some Spanish refresher time in preparation for our February trip to the beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

We each have our own stories to write.
We each begin the year with blank pages.
As we begin to fill in those pages with the stories and what will be our memories of the days to come, I leave you with this thought...

In the latter part of 2017 a black and white photo challenge made its way through Facebook. I like the classic look of black and white photographs, but is no way to live life and a poor way to remember the past. For 2018, I will choose to live life in full color.

Here's a little bonus.
I'm no longer a big fan of country music, but this song speaks to living life in color:

John <><


Mike said...

No riding today? Don't you need one zero degree ride under your belt?

John Hill said...

If I need to go somewhere, I'll probably ride. We've actually made it to double digit temps now!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Ride in an automobile, I presume? Brrr

John Hill said...

Nope. Pretty sure he was thinking of the motorcycle. I rode it yesterday at 14. Didn't need to go out today.