Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Face to face with temptation!

This morning finds me face to face with a huge temptation!

I am waiting on my motorcycle to be serviced and sitting in the showroom at Ozark Mountain Indian Motorcycles!
Oh my! There are some beauties here!
Along with the Indian cycles are some awesome looking Victory motorcycles.
For now, all I can say is "some day!"

The Indian Scout 60 is their entry level cycle. It is much smaller in size and lighter than my Vulcan 900 Classic ... but has a little bit larger engine! The cruisers are more than twice the engine size of my bike and more engine than I would ever really need, but my oh my, they are great looking bikes. I'm not yet to the point that I want all of the bells and whistles that are available. I still like the looks of a bike without a windscreen or fairing. I haven't really missed having a radio when on long rides, but can see where that might be nice. A bluetooth headset would probably be enough for me. Cruise control is something that I will be looking for when it comes time to upgrade, as well as locking saddlebags. I doubt that I'll be looking for heated seats or handgrips (yes they are available!), nor will I need to have the electric windscreen that raises and lowers from the fairing, the GPS navigation, satellite radio or full sound system.
I'm pretty simple when it comes to riding.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed riding this year (13,000 miles from March through October). I hope that the thrill of riding or the adventure of riding doesn't wear off. I actually hope to do more riding next summer.

In the mean time, I'll dream a little from time to time. I'll go online and build my bike. I'll figure out a way to justify the purchase and maybe, just maybe, I'll eventually buy one.

...but not today.

John <><


Mike said...

"Cruise control" I thought all bikes had a switch to lock the throttle.

John Hill said...

First of all, throttle lock and cruise control are different, and

Secondly, no, not all (including mine) have a throttle lock.

Throttle locks can be a relatively inexpensive accessory, but I'm a bit of a tight wad when it comes to spending on myself.