Friday, July 15, 2016

Back at home!

Well I am back at home!

I'll have a few days before hitting the road again and heading north for the UFC Chicago Fights. I am looking forward to the fights and to visiting with Aaron and Jenny. Right now I have plans to make a stop in Metamora, but that could change depending on my baby sister's plans. I think she is planning on being in Chicago the same weekend. Getting to see her may mean a single day's ride home. I might have to leave a day early and stop to see my folks on the way up. I need to be home Monday night due to an early morning Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday.

On of the nicer things about being at camp is the little bit of isolation from the rest of the world. I did have my phone and Chromebook and I had plenty of time to peruse the 'net at night, but I also enjoyed not really keeping up with things during most of the day.

This was also a good week to at camp when it comes to watching baseball. Since the first part of the week was the All-Star Game break, I didn't miss a single Cardinals' game and will be home tonight to watch their first game since last Sunday. Timing was just right!

As I mentioned before, this was a smaller camp and not as well organized as some. However, there were some really good key people in just the right places and God worked things out in spite of our interference. I think I heard the number of campers at 54. Nine kids made new professions of faith and committed to follow Jesus! There were also re-dedications -- including one of the adult leaders!
It has been a good summer of kids' camps but I am glad that it is over. I am looking forward to relaxing for the remainder of the summer.

Have a great weekend!
John <><

PS - As an added bonus to being back home, my 21 Gun Salute sampler package of 21 cigars from Thompson Cigar Co. arrived and was waiting for me!


Mike said...

"Well I am back at home!"

Time to sleep. Don't wait until you're dead.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Have a great trip to Chicago, John!