Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PCBA Camp, Day 3

It's the afternoon of the third day of camp and it is storming outside. It is a real plus that this camp ground has a nice indoor area for recreation. Most camps do not have indoor facilities like a gymnasium. This one has both a gym and an indoor pool!

Because there is the rumble of thunder and the occasional flash of lightning, the pool is still off limits. Hopefully, this system will pass before the afternoon is over and there will be time for swimming.

For now, the girls are in the chapel and the boys are engaged in an exciting game of dodge ball ... and the place is beginning to smell like -- well, like a gymnasium full of sweaty boys!

I was going to go into town for a bit this afternoon and enjoy an iced coffee at the local Starbucks, but opted for sitting in the gym and blogging from the stage while the kids play. Even though it is a little bit noisy, it isn't a bad atmosphere and the noise fades in and out as the game intensifies and then they reset and start over.

Other than the fun and games of camp, things seem to be going well on the spiritual lines as well. I have talked to several kids that have made professions of faith and a couple of the boys have a great cabin leader that seems to be well suited to ministering to young boys. The juniors (youth leaders) are doing a great job of working with the kids, as well. Although the camps seems to be unorganized at times, there are still good things happening.
Tomorrow morning, I'll be having breakfast with a few of the association's pastors. It will be a nice way to start the day.

There will be no long walk today because of the rain.

I'm a little high on my calorie intake so I'll have to be careful when it comes to dinner. Bacon for breakfast has a way of elevating the calorie count rather quickly!

All-in-all, life at camp isn't too bad.
Even so, I'm glad to have reached the halfway mark.

John <><

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