Thursday, July 21, 2016

On the road...

This morning finds me blogging from my parents living room sofa in Metamora IL.
We are waiting on coffee and dad is reading the morning paper -- yes, one of those people that still likes to read and actual paper-- and I am on the Chromebook. Mom is in the bedroom saying her morning prayers (hopefully extra prayers for her son traveling by motorcycle this week!).

This is my first motorcycle road trip.
Yesterday I rode a little over 400 miles -- most of it on the Interstate. It was hot enough that there weren't too many other riders on the roads. I only counted a couple of dozen in the 400 mile trip. Only 3 other riders were wearing jackets of any kind and only one other rider in Illinois wore a helmet (no helmet law, here). The one that did wear a helmet was also one of the jacket wearing riders.

I found that wearing a wet, athletic tshirt under my vented jacket works pretty well in keeping me at a comfortable body temperature.

My butt managed the long ride well, in spite of my stock seat. The biggest fatigue factor for me was from my right arm/hand. I have driven many miles in a car without cruise control and will say that riding without a cruise control cycle (or a throttle lock) is a similar kind of thing. Maybe cruise control will be a feature on my upgrade cycle.
Only a hundred miles today, then I'll park the cycle while in Chicago and make the trip home on Monday. I may decide to get off the interstate and wander through a few more towns on some state and US highways. Part of staying on the interstate was to avoid potential rain showers. I'll be checking that out for Monday, as well.

After breakfast with the folks, I'll ride to Bolingbrook and visit with my brother, Mike and his family. We'll have lunch together before I ride the rest of the way to Aaron and Jenny's.
White Sox baseball on Friday
UFC fights on Saturday
Dinner with my sister, Mary and her family on Sunday
Long ride Monday

Yep, it's going to be a great weekend. I expect to eat some good (not necessarily good for you) food and enjoying time with the kids. The UFC Fan Village outside of the United Center will be hot (heat index is forecast to triple digits) and we may limit out time there -- or not. I'm sure that I'll have a Chicago dog at some point and other sporting event fare at the ballgame or fights.
Like I said -- it's going to be a great weekend.

I can't say that I've missed the RNC -- I mean, I've missed it but I haven't missed missing it. You know what I mean. I think the media blows most things out of proportion and is more interested in getting people to watch/read/follow than they are in reporting the actual news. I'm also pretty sure that the DNC will be the same way and I doubt that I will follow it any more closely.

The TV news programs are on in the background and it sounds as if Sen Cruz has stolen most of the evening's coverage and that a rather good speech by VP candidate, Gov Pence, is being ignored by the media. That's too bad. I doubt that I'll take the time to listen to it this weekend, but I think I'll keep it mind and listen to it later. I haven't been a Pence fan, but then again, I haven't really been much of a Pence follower. Other than what came out over Indiana's Religious Liberty law and the following fallout, I really couldn't tell you much about him. I'm thinking that if Trump were to win the Presidential election, his Vice President will have more to do than other vice presidents. The Donald appears to be the kind of guy that likes the camera and the limelight but I doubt that he'll be doing much of the actual work of a president.

Oh well...

Let's get this day underway!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

400 miles per day on a motorcycle! That is awesome! Have a safe trip, enjoy BB and the fights.

Mike said...

Beep on your way back through.