Monday, June 06, 2016

WARNING! Crazy week(s) ahead!

It is the first full week of June and the weather forecasts a great week for kids' camps and weddings!
And it is a good thing since I have both to deal with this week.

I am taking a very minor role in our Associational kids' camp this year. I will be telling Bible stories on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. I opted out of the Thursday morning story time because of folks arriving for Hannah's (and Daniel's) Friday wedding!

Baptist Hill Assembly, the name of the campground, is just under 50 miles from my home. With beautiful weather in the forecast, the plan is to get my ride time going to and from camp. It'll be a light week on the motorcycle, but I'm afraid that may be the trend for the month of June.

Between finalizing my stories for this week, fleshing out the outlines for next week's camp, getting outlines made for the following week's camp and taking care of wedding stuff -- wow! what a crazy few weeks it will be!
I am really hoping for great weather over the 4th of July so that I can take a much needed road trip to my cousin's 4th of July celebration in central Illinois.

Well there is a lawn to be mowed, laundry to be washed and studying to do -- so I'd best get busy!
Have a great and slightly less crazy week than I'll have!

John <><

Btw, here's my ride from yesterday, using my new My Tracks app. The pics at the bottom are from the ferry on Arkansas 125.


Mike said...

They are going to let you sleep until noon at the kids camps, right? Just tell them you're retired. They'll understand.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Wow! THat's a busy time! Do you tell stories in camp?

And ending the week with awedding. Busy, busy....