Thursday, June 30, 2016

Still Grounded -- so to speak!

Well yesterday's assumption that I'd be picking up my cycle and would be ready to hit the road for the weekend appears to have been a bit premature. The shop still has the bike and there is an oil leak they are looking to find.
Since they are booked two weeks out and they took my bike on a "we'll get to it when we can" basis, there is no way to say how long they'll have it. Originally, they told me they'd check it out while waiting on parts for other jobs or if there was a small gap in the schedule. Now -- who knows?


I'm at Starbucks this morning.
Imagine the horror of getting up to no coffee and realizing you're going to have to get up and get dressed before you get your morning coffee!
My first reaction was to just go back to bed -- which I did, but there still wasn't any coffee by the time I convinced myself to get up anyways.
I'll enjoy my venti 5-shot Americano and probably get a venti cup of coffee to take with me. That ought to get me through the morning and through the lawn mowing and trimming that awaits me.

By the way, since I've managed to slowly put on about half of the weight I lost a couple of years ago, I'm back to being more restrictive about my diet and I am keeping a daily log of sorts over on my other blog -- just in case you are in need of some encouragement or need somebody else's struggles to make you feel good about yourself.

I say that as I managed a brief interruption to my typing to talk to a young woman sporting a Mizzou Tri-2016 shirt. It turns out that this was her first triathlon and that she really enjoyed it. (How is that possible?)

Enjoy your day.
Enjoy the holiday weekend.
Be safe out there.

John <><

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Mike said...

"...just go back to bed -- which I did."

Great decision!