Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Story Time with Pastor John

I guess if I were to admit it, I'd have to say that I like being a story teller.
And that's true even if it means telling stories to kids!

This week, I get to be a story teller at boys' camp.
They call it Bible study.
I call it Story Time with Pastor John!

Last week's camp offered me the opportunity to tell stories twice -- once in Bible study with the older kids and once as the evening message. When it comes right down to it, my sermon style is more of story telling than it is preaching. At the end of the worship service last Sunday (I filled in for a local pastor) a woman approached me and said, "I felt like I was in my old church in California. That pastor was also a story teller!"

I'm not just a story teller as a style of preaching or teaching the bible; I am a story teller.
Once I was telling a joke to a co-worker and had myself into "the story." I was about halfway through the joke when he interrupted and said, "Wait a minute! This is a joke, right? Okay, go on!"

When it was slow at work, another co-worker would often sit back in her chair and say, "John, tell me a story!"

Sharing the Bible through the stories of the Bible just makes sense to me.
And there are some great stories to share!
When I have more time, I'll share some of the stories I've shared with the kids over the past few weeks here. For now, it's time to get ready and get going.
It looks like a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride to camp!

Here are a couple of pictures from where I will be teaching this week. The first (click it to big it) is the pavilion where I'll be teaching; the second is the view of the Gasconade River from the pavilion.

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Telling children stories makes the message more understandable. A good approach, John!

Have a great week!

I'm with you in spirit.

Mike said...

The motorcycle pastor. I'll bet that gets the kids excited.