Monday, September 07, 2015

There's a Storm a Brewin'!

There are both advantages and disadvantages to traveling in the off peak times or low seasons. High on my list of the advantages are fewer people. (That's the introvert in me.) Although the resort was full over the weekend, it is rather quiet this morning and I expect that it will be through out the week. Also on that list is the relative cost is a little less.

On the disadvantage list is that there are fewer options for dining in the resort. Also some of the activities are limited by either time or availability.

Another disadvantage to traveling in the peak of the rainy season is ... well, the rain! It has rained a little during the afternoon of our arrival (Saturday) and for much of the late afternoon and evening on Sunday. This morning's western sky (and the weather forecast) would indicate that there is more rain on the way for today.

The little rain hasn't kept us from enjoying the beach or from taking a Sunday afternoon stroll around the (mostly closed) shops near the resort. Today will be another day of just relaxing, avoiding the rain, and enjoying our time away from home.
Benito is doing a fine job of keeping my coffee cup filled as I blog at the breakfast buffet this morning. I think maybe it's time for a small pastry to go with my fresh cup of coffee!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

A pastry with your coffee? Now that's a civilized way to cope with mornings, John!

I too like the off-season for going to the beach. It's less crowded, hectic, and allows for quite walks and mild sunbathing before the sun gets too high.

John Hill said...

I'm sure that sunbathing in any season gets far more attention for you than it ever will for me, Angel!

Mike said...

Put up a tent on the beach. Let it rain. Wave sounds and rain sounds. Sounds like a 4 hour nap to me.