Thursday, September 10, 2015

Breakfast at Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa

Just a quick note before heading off on our excursion to Ixtapa Island.

I arrived at breakfast this morning and was seated to a table as usual. I turned my coffee cup upright to indicate that I wanted some and headed to the the grill to get my huevos fritos (fried eggs). I waved to Benito as I passed by and gave him a cheery "Buenas dias!"

When I returned to my table, not only was my coffee cup filled, but there was a plate of breads and a bowl of some hot green salsa!

I don't remember saying anything about liking hot, spicy foods. Yesterday, he brought a bowl of the salsa to the table and I added it to my eggs. It was very good, indeed. I really like the service here. In truth, the food is pretty average. Oh, don't get me wrong--we are really enjoying ourselves, but it is low season and the selections are limited.

But the service! Oh my, it is wonderful. Alicea has been our server a couple of times in the evening. She speaks English pretty well in comparison to most of the workers and is very friendly and extremely attentive. The hostesses (Estephani and Ana ?) always have a smile and are friendly, often remembering our room number without asking (Is that a good thing?).

As I have said, this is certainly not the nicest resort that we have been to, but it might just have the most friendly and attentive staff!

Well, it is time to begin our day of relaxing on the beaches of Ixtapa Island.

Be well,
John <><


Mike said...

I see they have a 'Playa Carey - Nudista Topless' on Isla Ixtapa.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

It's so much better when the staff is friendly!