Saturday, July 07, 2012


It's Saturday night, a full week after my week long youth camp. I've spent the week fighting a cold-turned-to-sinus-infection without a lot of success. The week has been one of the hottest ever in the Ozarks and I am very thankful for a working air conditioner. All-in-all, I've got a pretty good life.

At camp last week, I mentioned about the very positive effect that five consecutive days of dynamic corporate worship has on one's spiritual life. Is there a way to get that same spiritual high without the daily corporate worship? If there is, I'd like to know about it.

Even though I've missed the daily time with my God and my new friends together, I've had the opportunity to see their occasional posts or comments on Facebook and it has brought a smile to my face as I remember the time we spent together. I know that the simple ministry of presence can mean a lot to people in times of need. I've never really thought about the positive effect that a Facebook post or comment can have.

I want to mention four guys that I really enjoyed getting to know last week. They are the guys from the band Calling Glory. Go to their website and check them out. Click on store and buy and album or shirt. You can even invest in the Kingdom by helping to fund their next album.

Go to this site: You Provide the Fire, We Provide the Sacrifice and make a contribution.

This past week I've also realized just how small my world has become. I've spent most of the week at home and only worked two tower mids, but even so, my interactions with non-Christians is pretty limited. I guess I am going to have to be more purposeful about seeking out people to share the good news with. This blog is one small way to reach out, but it is uncertain just how many people it reaches. Besides, there really isn't anything like building personal relationships to the point of sharing Jesus!

It's been a good week. Time to wrap it up and get started on the next one. I'll be worshiping with my Hopedale family tomorrow. I hope that you have a place to go and friends to worship with. Ours is a Mighty God!

John <><

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