Friday, July 27, 2012


There are a lot of boycott lists out there. I was going to list companies that are currently being boycotted by somebody, but found that there are really just too many.

Some are being boycotted because of their conservative stance on social issues, while others are being boycotted because of their liberal contributions to organizations that have a liberal stance on the same issues. Some are pro-labor. Some are anti-labor. Some organizations are boycotted, some countries are boycotted.

As a fan of etymology (study of word origins), I feel compelled to share the origin of the word boycott. As with many of our words, boycott comes from a name; Captain Charles Boycott. Wikipedia provides a great background which you can read here.

So I'm curious. What companies/brands/products/organizations do you boycott because of a political or social reason? And what companies to you go out of your way to support?

I'm really not wanting any hateful, hurtful or disparaging remarks about somebody else's lists and reasons, but feel free to share your own.

Maybe you're one of those that looks for a good product at a good price and don't really care what the company does with the profits that you've helped them earn. You can just leave that comment, too.

John <><


Big Sky Heidi said...

I would prefer if companies be opinion-neutral when it comes to doing business. When I shop for groceries, I don't want to get stroked for my implicit support for or against (fill in appropriate cause).

Mike said...

I can never remember who I supposed to be for or against when I'm shopping.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I pay more attention to value and price than to politics when I shop.