Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What I Like About ... Chris

Today is my wife's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Chris.

I figured that this would be an ideal day to write a What I Like About ... post to honor Chris!

What I Like About ...

Chris is funny.  Many people never really get to the funny side of Chris. She loves to laugh. I'll admit that I don't always find the same things funny, but at least I enjoy her laughter (and occasional snort!)

In so many ways, Chris stabilizes our family.  Before we had kids, it was Chris that insisted that we find a church where we could both worship our God. After we had kids, there were many Sundays that she got the kids ready and went without me because I was working and she wasn't going to let that keep her from going to church or from bringing up our kids in church.  She has stayed home with the kids when I've been on trips for NATCA or for ministry events. She has been to a number of school programs solo because I was at work.  She loves her kids and loves being a mom.

Chris is a wonderful cook.  She seldom uses recipes; she just seasons until it tastes right ... and it usually does!  We don't cook at home as often as we used to, but I enjoyed our family meals when the kids were at home and I enjoy our meals now, at home or at a restaurant.

In a way, it's odd that we ended up together -- we don't like the same kind of tv shows or movies, she doesn't like sports, she doesn't share my passion for coffee or really spicy foods (although she eats foods that are spicy by normal standards), we just don't have a lot of the same interests when it comes to our leisure time.

We both like Ted Drewe's!

On the other hand, we tend to complete each other (more of a task for her than for me).  Where I am unorganized, she is organized. Where I am sloppy, she is neat.  I am more of a spender, she is more of a saver (although she does pretty well in the spending area, too!). She stays more focused, I tend to procrastinate.

All-in-all, Chris makes me a better me.
Happy Birthday, Chris!
I love you.



Bilbo said...

Happy birthday, Chris, and congratulations to both of you! Have a great day and many, many more to come!

Fran said...

And.....when I saw her picture this morning on facebook...I thought how beautiful she is!!!!!

Mike said...

HBD Chris.