Saturday, October 29, 2011

Better Than a World Series Win

Friday night was a super night...

...And I'm not talking about the Cardinals winning the World Series.

Yeah, that was great, but it was far from what made Friday a great day and Friday night a super night.

I got to see Hannah last night and celebrate her 20th birthday by taking her out to a late-night supper at Steak 'n' Shake (I know that's not a great place but there wasn't a lot to choose from at that hour)! We ate and had a few minutes to chat and I got to catch up on her school experiences and give her a small gift.

The dinner meant missing a few innings of the Cardinal's World Championship Game, but it was well worth it because time with her has become rare and is far more valuable than listening to another ballgame on the radio (even if it is game 7 of the World Series).

But even spending time with my favorite daughter wasn't what made Friday night a super night.

I got to spend some time at Unity Baptist Church in Fayette MO. It was the night of their Fall Festival and they honored me by asking me to come back for the second year in a row. Getting to share some magic and tell the gospel story is always good time. Being there to witness several people respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit is an incredible experience.  There were several decisions made, both kids and adults. 8 hours in the car and a show on little sleep is no big deal when you know that you are being used to help people find the love of God and receive the gift of salvation.

It definitely makes for a super night.

The other stuff was pretty sweet, but nothing compared to knowing that the Kingdom is growing!

John <><

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