Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Great Night in Galena MO

I really don't like posting from my cell phone. It's not a "smart" phone (I guess that makes it a "dumb" phone) and I usually mess up some where along the way.

I'd wait until this afternoon to post this except it's just too good to put off until then. I had a GREAT time at the Galena Baptist Church.

It was the last night of their fall revival and the small rural church was packed! Kids, youth, adults--all ages filled the pews to near capacity. I had the pleasure of sharing some magic and the privilege of sharing the gospel. There were several people in each age group that made decisions to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.  I tend not to keep a count of such things but leave the follow up to the local church. I'm pretty certain that I'll hear from Pastor William in the near future as he talks to the individuals about their decisions.

John <><


bridger said...

How Exciting. Keep serving the Lord.

Amanda said...

I must have a "dumber" phone because it doesn't connect to the internet. :)

You really have such an exciting and fun way to communicate Jesus' message with magic.