Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kids Against Hunger

This morning several of the kids from our youth group and four adults joined with a few other people to package dried food packages to be sent overseas. We met at the Springfield Kids Against Hunger facility and worked for just under two hours.

Each package of dried food contains rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and a vitamin packet. We were told that each package would make six meals, although it seemed more like it would make six side servings to our normal American size meals.  A 'meal' (a single serving) is just under 230 calories. (A McDonald's McDouble is 390 calories.)  

I almost talked myself out of going this morning. I was pretty wiped out after working the mid-shift. I'm glad that I went. I enjoyed the work and the conversation with our Jr High boys' teacher. At the end of our two hours, we had boxed up enough product to supply 6,264 meals. I'd say it was a pretty productive couple of hours.

We bought enough product so that we could prepare it for our youth Sunday School class tomorrow and let each of them have a 'meal' tomorrow morning. It is a great reminder of how abundant our blessings really are.

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