Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bureaucratic Nonsense

Yesterday morning I was driving home after working the midnight shift and listening to the local NPR station.  They ran this story on the minting of one dollar coins and how the coins are piling up in vaults and going unused but are continuing to be minted because of a Congressional mandate.

Just as it takes forever for Congress to actually do anything; it apparently also takes Congress forever to stop doing something.  In spite of the fact that this program has no benefit and is costing both time and money, it continues because Congress set it in motion and there is no sensible force (since Congress is the only force) that can say, "Enough, already!"

It's lunacy at its finest.  Certainly, I'm not the only person that realizes that if you really want dollar coins to replace paper dollars, you might want to STOP PRINTING PAPER DOLLARS! Otherwise it's pretty much an exercise in futility (which is about as much exercise as some of us ever get!). 

Really it seems like a simple solution: either stop printing dollar bills and start distributing dollar coins or stop minting and storing dollar coins -- TODAY!  Why waste one more day? Why can't somebody in Congress just say, "Wow! That was one of our stupid decisions. Let's repeal it right away."  

No committee work. No debate. Just vote and be done with it.  Mint coins or print dollars, majority wins. Then move on to the next order of business.

Geez, no wonder we're so far in debt. Wasting money just seems to come naturally to our elected reprehensatives.

Sorry for the brief rant today.
I feel better.

John <><


Bilbo said...

Oh, John, surely you do not expect Congress to do something as simple as this to save money? If you could show that President Obama was responsible, the Republicans would line up six deep to stop minting dollar coins!

Oh ... appropriately enough, my verification word is "mints."

Mike said...

The words 'STOP PRINTING PAPER DOLLARS' need to be in much larger type to get anyones attention.