Friday, July 03, 2009

Sitting Duck

Much to the dismay of all those that still regard Gov. Sarah Palin as the bright and shining star of the Republican party, she had been awarded the dubious honor of being named as this year's Sitting Duck Award winner.

I know that she had quite a bit of competition for the award this year. Perhaps the SNL Tina Fey skits are what clinched the deal for her. Personally, I feel that Alaska is about as close to Washington DC that I ever want to see her. I think that she is a little too much "Joe Six-pack" for me. I'm not too interested in having your average American in the White House or any other elected office. I want to have the best and brightest; an over-achiever; an above average American. Sorry folks, but Gov. Palin doesn't quite fit that bill.

Comedians and late night talk show hosts will always make fun of the sitting President and Vice President. That's to be expected. But I think that eight years is enough when it comes to the rest of the world laughing at our leaders. I know that President Obama will make mistakes and draw his share of criticism, but hopefully it won't be every time he opens his mouth.

In a sense, I wish that Gov. Palin hadn't won the Sitting Duck Award. I would be happier if she would just fade away into political obscurity along with other losing VP candidates.


Yes, I know...another political rant. Sorry.


Mike said...

Talk about a timely political rant.

AR said...

Well said, John. I am confounded that the Republican Party couldn't do better. If they had really wanted a formidable running mate for McSame, there were many other options available with experience to draw from instead of just good looks (no one could accuse Kay Bailey Hutchison of just being a pretty face). Alas, it took eight years of Bush so that we could get Obama. We may have to put up with Palin to get...what ?

Nice blog, my friend.

Sicilian said...

Poor Sarah she can't figure out what she wants to do in her life. . . I hear they'd like her to be the new Rush . . . cuz she looks a whole bunch better than him. . .but I doubt that she has the gift of gab that he posseses. . . she can present a speech, but don't make her think. . . that's when you see the real Ex Govenor of Alaska's true colors. . . and they ain't to pretty!