Monday, July 06, 2009

For the Record...and the Week Ahead

I got a few comments (some on Facebook, some here) about my post on Sarah Palin. For the record...I do not dislike Sarah Palin. I just don't think that she was a good choice as a presidential running mate. I also don't approve of any insulting attempts at comedy that involve their special needs child.

However, I do realize that many feel that some of the insults come from from her own patronizing attempts at securing votes by using her son and family as examples of her understanding of the needs of families in various situations. When a candidate is the one to present her Down's Syndrome son or pregnant teen daughter, it only seems natural (especially as self-proclaimed conservatives) that they would expect it to draw some heavy fire from the brutally inappropriate media. That my post came on the day of her announcing her resignation was purely coincidence.

Even her resignation will have its consequences should she make a run for President in 2012--"winners never quit and quitters never win" kind of stuff. Whatever her future holds, I wish her well.

On to the week ahead...

I'm looking forward to a great week at work. After having worked from 5:30 this morning to 1:30 this afternoon, I now have four consecutive mid shifts--10:30 pm to 6:30 am. It's a bit unusual in the air traffic world to have this kind of schedule--even more unusual to find somebody that likes it as much as I do. No supervisors, no trainees, few other people to work with and little traffic. When the watch is over, you grab a few hours sleep and have the whole day to do whatever needs to be done. It's almost like being off for the week.

When the work week is over, I get to meet with my family for a weekend reunion. As far as I know, all of my siblings will be there. I'm not sure if all of the nieces and nephews will make it, but I'm hoping that they do. Aaron's girlfriend, Jenny will get to meet the rest of the family (pray for her) and they will get to meet her.

Good stuff, eh? I am so glad that we all get along in grand fashion. I really feel bad for so many people that carry lifelong grudges with family members. It ought not be so.

For the future...

I'm really going to try to keep posts uplifting or at least informative. I don't want to be a part of tearing people down or negative posts. Forgive me when I get caught up in my human side and have a lapse. You have my permission to point out my transgressions (gently, please).

John <><


Mike said...

"No supervisors, no trainees, few other people to work with and little traffic."

Just don't go to sleep. Sleeping is bad.

John said...

I have already proved (under test conditions) that I can lay down in a dark room, with no stimuli, and stay awake!

BTW, I get to do it again in a couple of weeks.

Amanda said...

I'm definitely not one for any night shift work (except baby duty). I had to do that for awhile when I first started work at a semiconductor factory and did not enjoy it. Maybe because we still had supervisors, and I was more or less the trainee. Good for you that you've got a good week ahead.

Bilbo said...

I'm with you on Sarah Palin...probably a nice enough lady, but not presidential timber. I'm not into shift work, either - had enough of that while I was in the Air Force. I like a real schedule - get up in the morning, go to work during the day, then go home at the right time.

vw - napetin: the active chemical ingredient in naps.

Buel warden said...

John, you were tearing down my Braves the other day. Buel

John said...

Sorry, Buel. I'm glad they won yesterday!