Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Like a Kid at Christmas

I'm am so excited! In a few days I'll receive the new HP Mini that I ordered.

Two things:

1) My current HP Laptop is old and trashed. I am in need of a new one.
2) I have been wanting a Mini. It will be as much computer as I really need and easy to carry with me. It is about the size and weight of a hard back book! I ordered the external CD/DVD drive with the computer so it will pretty much do everything that my older, bulkier HP Pavilion 5700 does...but faster and with less bulk.

It should be here in a few days.

John <><


Mike said...

So when we don't hear from you for awhile we'll know that the transfer has been made and the trouble shooting has begun.

Don't forget the library has computers.

Anonymous said...

(from your younger sister who knows a lot about geeks).

Bilbo said...

Great feeling, isn't it? My new Dell laptop is just about a week old, and I can't get over how much faster and more advanced it is than the five-year-old Gateway I replaced. Of course, it took Dell almost a month to deliver, and I had to threaten to cancel the order at one point, but the final product was worth the wait. Enjoy your new toy!