Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Notes From All Over

As July comes to an end, I have finished with camps for the year. I was at three camps as Camp Pastor and visited one other to share the Gospel through the use of magic. I only had one VBS program this year but it was a full summer just the same. At the present, August is blank as far as the magic/ministry calendar goes. That's okay. On the eighth, Aaron, Joel (his future father-in-law) and I will be going to Kansas City for a Royals Baseball game. On the weekend of the 21st, I'll be taking Aaron back to Chicago for the fall semester at Moody Bible Institute. Hannah starts her senior year of high school about the same time so August is still a full month.

Opening Act

I usually open my magic show with a brief explanation of the origin of magic. (This seems to be important in churches and works well for me in other venues.) I tell the audience that magic has its origins in science and nature. You may recall the Bible story where Magi from the East come to visit the Christ-child. In other translations the word is translated as wisemen.
They were students of nature--scientists. Because they had knowledge of how the world around them worked, they were thought to have special powers. To be sure, there were those that dabbled with the occult and worked with the spirit world...but still today, much of magic has to do with an understanding of science, math and nature.

I then use a hexa-flexa-gon as my opener. I had worn mine out and for a while they were unavailable. My friend at Dazzling Magic found a craftsman in Europe to make them and now has them available once again. Here is a video of Marty performing with the color flexagon. My routine is very similar.

I am looking forward to the fall revivals that are on my calendar and to watching Hannah in the high school marching band.

VBS continues at Hopedale throughout this week. There are more than 300 kids in attendance! God bless all of the adults and teens that are working.

Busy, busy, busy. Always something to do.

Have a great day. Tell somebody that God loves them...I've chosen to tell you.
God loves you!

John <><

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Mike said...

"I had worn mine out"

You now need to buy a lifetime supply so you never are without one again. 10? 20?