Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kid's Camp II

I'm taking a few moments away from the kids.  They are engaged in a kickball tournament prior to our evening worship time.  The Tri-County Association kid's camp ended Friday morning and the Hopedale kids arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Fridays are easy days in Hopedale kid's camp life...kind of a day to get settled in.  The kids arrive in swim gear and start their weekend with a couple of hours at the pool and waterslide while appointed adults either watch the kids or move all of the luggage to the appropriate room.  Then the kids change for supper, get their rooms organized and eat one of the awesome meals that are being prepared by our Pastor and Ms. Marie from our church.  

After dinner it's lesson time, team building and then the daily worship session.  Out theme this year is REFOCUS: Refresh, Renew, Rejoice.  At last night's session, several kids received Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We still need to counsel with them to make sure that they understand the message and what we are telling them about Jesus and His Love.  This isn't just a numbers game for us...we really want them to trust Jesus in their hearts and lives.  The Tri-County camp saw 12 kids make professions of faith in Jesus and many that rededicated themselves to living for Him.

This morning, one of our adult Sunday school classes made the hour long drive to camp to work in our little carnival.  We had several inflatable games as well as face painting, a putting green, hula hoop toss, lucky duck and of course...the dunk tank!  One of the problems of being the lovable Pastor John is that he will at some point, wind up in the dunk tank.  The tank happens to be filled with water drawn from the camp's deep well and is a cool 58 degrees  F (14.4 C).

Time to get ready for evening worship...more later (maybe some pics, too).

John <><

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I'd be building a fire under the tank.