Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kid's Camp I

It’s just past 10 pm on the first day of camp.  10 is lights out for the campers so all is pretty quiet.  I’m typing this as a Word document and will copy it to my blog when I have the opportunity to do so.  At this point, I’m not too sure just when that will be.


Camp went well today.  The attendance is down from the past two years.  There are a couple of contributing factors.  One was the icy weather that we had in January.  A couple of schools are still in session this week because of missed days due to weather.  Another possible factor is a structural change within the Association.  Some staff reassignments and a restructuring of the administration may have caused some bad feelings that may have caused some churches not to participate this year. 


Also, the reorganization put new people in charge of camp and we have tried to do some things a little bit differently.  I think that this is going to be a great week.  Tonight, Peter Robillard was here.  Peter is a mixed marshal arts fighter and has travelled all over the world with The Power Team.  He used a couple of feats of strength to get the kids attention and to illustrate what God has done for us.  He made a wonderful presentation of the Gospel and many of the kids made decisions for Jesus.  I won’t know just how many new followers of Jesus we have until we get word back from the counselors.  The counselors talk with all of the kids to be sure that they understand what was being asked of them and to be sure that they have trusted Jesus as Savior by giving their heart to God.


This year’s camp is using the Sports Crusaders for our morning activities.  I’m looking forward to seeing just how that goes.  Kids have to be at the flag pole for the raising of the flag and morning prayer at 7:30 am.  They have some pretty full days ahead of them.

So do the adults.  More later.

Tuesday, lunchbreak

I found out that there is a wireless connection available near the Camp Director's Office so I am posting from there.  The morning sesions were excellent!  These young college kids are working so well with the campers.  I'm getting ready for the evening worship time and then off to work.  With the Sports Crusaders taking care of the entire morning, I'll have no problem getting a few hours sleep in the morning tomorrow.

God is good.  All the time.

John <><


Mike said...

"some bad feelings that may have caused some churches not to participate this year"

Bad feelings in churches?! Say it ain't so!

The Magic Utopian said...

Are you performing or teaching magic at these summer camps?

John said...

Primarily here to teach/preach during the worship time. I will use some effects to illustrate the lessons. I think that the camp hosts (and the kids) are looking for more magic than I usually use in this setting. Maybe on Thursday night it will be more of a show with a lesson than the other way around.
John <><

Amanda said...

It sounds like a very engaging camp for kids with martial artists AND magicians!