Saturday, May 02, 2009

Way Too Busy for Blogging

It's another busy Saturday.  It's already past 1 pm!  Where did the morning go?

I'm getting things wrapped up so that I can be on the road this evening as I head to Liberty Baptist Church in Belgrade MO.  I finished laundry and most of my packing (clothing) last night but still have to get the magic stuff packed and ready to go.  

I managed a brief visit to the magic conference in Branson this morning.  Mostly I just wanted to show up to say hi to a couple of friends and show some support for the hosts of the conference.  I also managed to spend a little money and pick up some new items.  Then it was out to feed the horses, home to mow the lawn (just the front today) in the very light rain, and now to enjoy a couple of minutes before getting the magic stuff ready for the road.  

Since I don't have a real need to be there tonight, I've already notified the hotel that I'll be arriving around 10 pm.  That gives me until around 5:30 this afternoon to get everything done.

I'll be staying in Potosi, MO and should have plenty of time to catch up on a few things that I've been wanting to blog about.  

Have a great Sunday.  Praise God when you get the chance...and tell Him that John says Hi!

John <><

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Sicilian said...

Safe travels . . . . isn't blogging theraputic :)