Sunday, May 03, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I was just pausing before heading out for morning worship and thinking of how blessed I am. 

Too often, we get caught up in the grand things of life--making enough money to pay the bills and buy all of the extras that we want, satisfying our physical desires, increasing our social know, the whole keeping up with the Joneses thing.  We worry for the things that the Bible tells us not to worry about.  The Bible says that we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness...these other things--well, God will take care of us.

I wanted to share a few of the simple pleasures in my life.

Although spending a few days at the Super 8 in Potosi MO wouldn't make my life's highlight reel, spending an hour on the phone last night with my son sure made the evening worth living.

I really enjoy a late night espresso americano or a mocha latte with my teenaged daughter.

Or how about an evening walk around the neighborhood with my wife--even if one of the reasons that we're walking is because we need the exercise!

I enjoy seeing a friend from halfway around the world on Facebook and engaging in a brief chat.

I enjoy hearing other ideas through blogs and Facebook status updates.

I love the regular phone calls to my parents to see how they're doing.

I love to laugh.

I love that there is a God that cares about me.

Even when it takes me away from home, I love that He has called me to this ministry of sharing the Gospel of His great love.

Sometimes I find myself complaining about things at work.  Truthfully, I really like my job.  It's a real kick!  I've had to work for a living before...this isn't work.  It never is when you really enjoy what you're doing.

Well, I need to be going...
I hope that you will take a few moments to enjoy the simple pleasures of your life today...and to thank the God that makes it all possible!

John <><


Sicilian said...

Great post. . . . . and a great reminder that no matter how bad we think it is in America. . . . there are millions of people world wide without food or shelter. . . . we are extremely blessed.

Amanda said...

People always plan for a big/elaborate pleasure but in the end, its the simple ones that give us the most (and frequent) enjoyment.

Have a good time not working!