Thursday, March 05, 2009

When You Need a Lift

There is nothing like a fun gathering of believers to charge my spiritual batteries. Tonight I was a guest at North Nixa Baptist Church for their annual Upwards Basketball Awards Night. They had a great crowd. The kids were a super audience and everything seemed to go well. I will be interested to know what the results are from the decision cards that were handed out.

As you might have guessed from the previous post, I needed a night like tonight. This is a church that uses a lot of resources and volunteers to put on a program that impacts the community around them. Kudos and blessings to all of the staff and volunteers at North Nixa Baptist Church.

I was sorry to find out that Pastor Jerry was sick and couldn't make it to the event. He would have been very proud of his people. They moved chairs and rearranged the set up to accommodate me with only a few minutes before everybody started arriving. Thanks everybody!

The event tonight makes me even more excited about Sunday night. My friend and fellow evangelist, Jim McNiel will be at North Nixa for the evening service. They are going to love him!

So the old John (easy, Mike) is back. The Holy Spirit has lifted my spirit once again! It is good to be back! Oh yeah, and I also booked another summer event today. Ain't God good?

John <><

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Mike said...

"The Holy Spirit has lifted"

Good thing THS has got some muscles.

See I didn't say anything about you being old.