Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to Grow

I just returned from a Monday morning meeting to sign a contract to purchase a piece of propery and building on the land adjacent to our church. I met with the pastor, the other officers of the church corporation and the owner of the property. We acted on behalf of the church body based on a vote taken on March 8.

It is a necessary step for us to take to continue to grow as a fellowship of believers. I am excited about the work that is taking place and the Spirit that is moving in the local family. We continue to see people making decisions for Salvation, baptism, church membership and rededication. Our Sunday School is growing and we will soon need to return to two Sunday morning services.

It is a fun place to be on a Sunday morning. If you live in the Ozark area, I would once again invite you to join us. If you don't, I pray that you can find a church that is half as friendly and has as much fun worshipping and serving the Mighty God.

John <><


joelaaronjohnson said...

awesome! Good to hear how Hopedale is growing and now will now have the room to grow!


Congrats on getting the land and the growth of your church!! Sounds like things are moving ahead in a really positive way.