Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Notes

It doesn't seem fair that the weekend is over so quickly. The weather here was wonderful. Sorry for those that had to endure a bit more rain like Kevin and Bilbo. It did rain on Friday morning but Saturday and Sunday were both great days.

I spent the early part of Saturday morning with the farrier and the horses. It was still a little cool out but I'm sure that the horses feel much better after their much needed pedicures! Hannah and I are going to have to figure out some times that we can get out there and work/ride them regularly this summer. It would be good for all of us. I could use the exercise and so could the horses. Hannah is already in great shape so she would just get to have fun.

Aaron was home for the weekend (probably why it seemed so short). It's hard to believe that he only has three more weeks and will be home for the summer. Sunday morning he shared with our church family what he had shared with us a couple of weeks ago. He believes that God is calling him to a pastoral ministry. He is changing his major from Forensic Science to a double major of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Communications. Seminary will follow for post grad work. He has really done much praying, soul searching and class research already and is sure that this is his calling.

Church was grand; four baptisms, music was planned by one of our high school students, a great message on Faith, and the wonderful time of being with friends!

Thursday afternoon will find me in Crocker MO for a springtime VBS. Chris will be on her way to Phoenix to visit her sister. Aaron will be on his way to Chicago for a Student Ambassador trip (and to see Jenny). Hannah will be at drum lessons.

Saturday, Hannah has an all day band event at school and I have a magic gig at First Baptist Branson. Chris will be home late Sunday.

It's going to be a busy week. (It seems that I say that quite often.)



Mike said...

It's finally starting to dry out in St. Louis too. But the ground still does squish a bit in places. We need about ... 6 months a dry weather.

Val said...

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