Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Deadline

Well, here it is...April 15th. This morning I put the final touches on the ol' income tax return and Chris is putting her signature on it and getting ready to head out to the post office. Most Americans reading this might assume that I have additional taxes to pay and so I've waited until the last moment to file. WRONG!!!

I am a Chief in the Tribe of the Procrastinators. I just hate sitting down with all of the paperwork, forms, receipts and what-not and getting the job done. Last year we got our taxes done early because Chris received a coupon in one of her paycheck envelopes for free tax preparation. When they were finished, I asked how much it would have cost if I were paying for it. They said $130! So this year I'm back to doing it and just getting it done on time. I don't even pay the extra fee for e-filing to get the money back faster. I guess I'm just too much of a tight-wad.

Unfortunately for my son Aaron, since he had me do his taxes, he will also have to wait for his return. In any case, the job is finished!


Procrastinators Unite (tomorrow)


Mike said...

I'm sorry to say that 'I'm' the Chief Procrastinator. I have proof, somewhere. And when I find it I'll send it to you, later. Maybe. As soon as I get a few other things done that I need to do.

Hey, you want to help me clean out my basement? We can get together sometime, later.

This would be really funny if it wasn't really true.

Bilbo said...

I'm like Mike...I keep meaning to procrastinate, but just never seem to get around to it.

John said...

I have a book Overcoming Procrastination. I've had it since before we were married (26+ years). Although I've started it several times, I've never made it past page 31! It really makes you wonder why somebody would go through the trouble to write a book that needs to be read by a group of people that put things off.

It reminds me of the question: If you write a book on how to become a failure and nobody buys it...are you a success?