Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know. I know. I'm a slacker blogger and I have no excuse. Alright, I do have excuses...but nobody wants to hear about them so I won't go into any details. Besides it's really just a minor case of writer's block and a major case of apathy.

I've been struggling with this sinus infection for about three weeks now. I did go to the doctor (after procrastinating for a week) and got a round of antibiotics (Z-pack). However the infection rages on. I called to tell them that I need either another round of the same or something stronger since I seemed to be getting worse instead of better. Their response--You'll have to come in again so that we can look at you! Ok so I'm about to go on another rant about health care and insurance companies and the racket that is being run at your local doctor's office. Do they think that I'm going to buy azithromycin to resell on the black market? Do they think that I'm lying because I've developed an addiction to an antibiotic? Do they think that I'm unaware that they are going to bill my insurance company for an unnecessary office visit and add to the already rising cost of insurance? Get over yourself and that fancy piece of paper that is hanging on your wall. I already know what's wrong and what the prescribed treatment is. You already know that I know it. In another country I'd just go down to the drug store and buy it without a note from the doctor--and it would cost less than the drugstores here bill the insurance companies for; and there wouldn't be the additional cost of the unnecessary office visit.

Whew! I feel better already...and I think that my sinuses are starting to clear up. Maybe I just need a good mad--a little adrenaline and increased blood flow--to help clear things up. I'll go back to the more natural way and see what that does; increase the garlic capsules (a natural antibiotic), a daily saline rinse and an over the counter decongestant to dry things out. Doctor's will tell you that a saline rinse while you have an infection is not a good thing. They say that it gives the infection exactly what it needs to grow--a warm moist environment. They also say if you come into their office they'll give you a note for some drugs. Bring your checkbook and insurance card! I'm going with my gut on this one for a week or so. I'll let you know how it works out.

Last week was a great week. I had a program in Crocker MO that went very well. On the way to Crocker I stopped at a game store in Waynesville MO. I met the owner, Mike, a few months ago at one of the evangelism conference this past winter. I really enjoyed our visit and had the opportunity to talk to one of his customers about Jesus. It is one of those times that you feel the whole event was guided by the Spirit of God--a divine appointment. Anyway the visit really lifted my spirit for the rest of the day!

Sunday was another grand day at Hopedale. We had three baptisms followed by a repeat performance of the choir's Easter musical. At the end of the program, a man came forward to trust Jesus as his Savior and Lord and another man came to answer a call to ministry through multimedia. He helps in our sound booth and does the lighting at one of the theaters in Branson.
What a really great day! I wonder what God has in store for us this week!

Sunday will be our annual Community Day--rides, slides and games for the kids; fun and food for everyone. Always a great day!

Sorry about the dry spell of blogging.


PS Mike, I'll be making a trip to St. Louis sometime in the next month--Ted Drewe's on me!


Bilbo said...

Sorry you're under the weather...so am I, and I used my blog to whine about it, too! Are you still planning to be in the Washington area in May? If so, let me know.

John said...

Bilbo, sorry to say that plans have changed. Due to staffing at the facility, I won't be able to get the time off the schedule to make the trip to DC. I was really looking forward to it, too. Maybe another time, eh?

Bilbo said...

Bummer...well, we'll manage that ball game or dinner or whatever sooner or later!

Kevin said...

[kidding]Don't believe that staffing claim, Bilbo...that's just union talk to make the public think that staffing is bad.[/kidding] [sarcasm]We've never been in a safer period in aviation history and all of our flight plan goals are being met.[/sarcasm]

Ok...just kidding. Yes, staffing is not so good and time off is appreciated now more than ever.

I hope you're feeling better soon, John.

Mike said...

"PS Mike, I'll be making a trip to St. Louis sometime in the next month--Ted Drewe's on me!"

You get to stand in line. I'll wait in the car.
OOOOH!!! I just thought what a great picture to put on the blog. Ted Drews at night with 8 windows going, people 10- 12 deep backed out into the street. Maybe I'll have to go over there and practice. Stand in line, eat a cone, stand in line, eat a cone ......

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon John. Have you tried Echinacea or Fenugreek in addition to the garlic?

John said...

No I haven't. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.