Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Ozarks

Today was a Beauty!

I managed to get a little bit of yard work done this morning and spent some time with the horses this afternoon. It was a nice sunny day--a welcome break from all of the rain that spring has brought to the Ozarks. I understand that more is still on the way! Not only are the rivers and lakes all up, the ground is saturated and each time it rains there is the danger of flash flooding throughout the area. Also, we've been trying to get our roof repaired from some of the storm damage from a few months ago!

This evening I find myself wondering about church tomorrow. It may seem a bit strange to be anticipating tomorrow's service, but I find myself doing so anyway. I really can't imagine what life would be like without God. Some would say that Christianity is for losers or that it is a psychological or emotional crutch for people that need something or someone to blame for all of their woes. Actually, it really makes me feel special that the God of the universe takes an interest in His creation. I believe that we owe it to Him to give of our time to worship Him. I fully believe that He meets with us and blesses us with His presence. I hope that you will make the time to truly worship Him--not just on Sunday, but everyday!



Kevin said...

Our former governer, Jesse Ventura, once said "Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people's business." It was truly one of the more ignorant things he said while in office.

Our church reaches out to so many people in a positive way.

I'm fine with being labeled 'weak-minded'. I think I'll head out to our church for some of that 'strength in numbers' Jesse was talking about.

Mike said...

The ground still squishes when you walk on it around here also. It's going to take a long time to dry out.

Bilbo said...

We had quite a bit of rain on Sunday and this morning, but we needed it. I just hope it comes back once I get my herb garden planted this week!

Anonymous said...

I try, I try. I have a hard time with the praying thing.