Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Boldly Go...

The deed is done. A new adventure is beginning. Today we dropped Aaron off at Columbia College, in Columbia MO, where he will pursue a degree in Forensic Science. He actually checked into his dorm Wednesday evening. We stayed at a nearby hotel and rejoined him today to buy books, check out the campus, have lunch and then watch a brief but interesting history of the college and witness a Columbia College tradition of issuing a pin to the freshman class that recognizes the commitment that the student and the college are making to each other. It was then time to say good-bye and let the students get to know each other. I'm sure that the next few days will be very exciting for Aaron, his roommate Doug, and all of the other new students at Columbia College as well as the new students just a mile or so away at the University of Missouri.

Aaron has already hooked up with a senior named Mark (a Cardinal fan) that invited him to a Thursday night volleyball/bible study on the Mizzu campus. They went there tonight after the days events and Aaron said that he will plan on joining them for church on Sunday.

Aaron's girlfriend, Jenny, accompanied us on this trip to see Aaron off. She rode up with Aaron and helped him get checked in, and then we joined them a little later in the evening. We brought her home today and she will leave for Chicago's Illinois Institute of Technology tomorrow to pursue her Engineering Degree. Both Aaron and Jenny received full scholarships from their respective colleges. We will see them again over the Labor Day Weekend. Aaron and I have tickets to one more Cardinal game--the last home game of the season. With only one exception, we've been to the last home game of the season for about ten years now. I hope that it is a father/son tradition that we can keep up for many years to come.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a good family tradition.

The Magic Utopian said...

Both are on full scholarships? Wow, pretty smart kids. You must be proud.


Serina Hope said...

Thanks for coming by. I love finding new and interesting blogs to read. It sounds like you are a great Dad, so I am sure the tradition will carry on and on.