Friday, August 10, 2007

Lost and Found

I have found that this blog has served an unusual purpose. I received an interesting e-mail from the "Land Down Under." An individual that was looking for an old classmate did a "google" search on his name. As it turns out, he is a friend of mine and I have mentioned his name in a previous post. I don't know how many pages the person looked through, but there was eventually a link to this blog. The e-mail gave me a little more information and I knew that they were talking about the same person. I've made the contact , forwarded the e-mail, sent a response, and put two old friends back in touch!

So of course, it got me wondering. Now John Hill is a pretty common name. An image search for John Hill says that there are 9 MILLION+ images. I looked at page after page figuring that I would stop at 500 images. An there on the 25th page, the last page that I would look at, was an image of yours truly...and it wasn't from my blog/site! It was from Joseph's Closet!

I looked at 100 images for "John Hill, magician" and didn't find one, but under "John Hill, evangelist" it was the third image displayed! (again from Joseph's Closet) So why don't you take a few moments to "google" your name. Feel free to post your findings here. You may find yourself, or maybe an old friend.


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