Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Stuff

You may have noticed a couple of subtle additions to this page. In the right column there is now a link to my new web page. It's still being worked on. For now, it looks a lot like this page. But that's only because I've been using this as a substitute web page as well as a place to rant. Check it out and feel free to comment.

I've also added a place for you to leave your name as a reader. Please sign in and say, "Hi."

Under "Blogs I Frequent" I've added My friend Rich. Rich is our slightly strange, fun loving Worship Leader at Hopedale Baptist. His blog is generally entertaining, sometimes thought provoking and always fun. You won't have to read very far to understand the "slightly strange" description.

I do hope that you have taken the time to check out my favorite blogs. Some of them may become your favorites as well. If it turns out that you like any of them and book mark a site for yourself, let me know. I read The Main Bang and Numeric Life daily. The others listed post about as often as I do.

Although I haven't worked on the "Links" part of my web page yet, I think that I'm going to include a link to a young magician's site that I met a couple of years ago in St. Louis. His name is Todd Duff and he has been earning a name for himself in his area. I'm sure that you will enjoy his page and the videos of his performances. I wish that I could make it to his newest project debut in Paducah on the 17th. The best I can do for him is to wish him all the best!


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