Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Slow Learner

Ever feel like you're the one in the class that gets things just a little bit after everybody else? They're moving on and the little light bulb in your head is just coming on. I had that feeling this past weekend.

I was in Northern Missouri again for another weekend revival. Medicine Valley Community Ministries serves four small communities and the surrounding rural area. From south to north the towns are Humphreys (pop. 160), Osgood (51), Harris (105) and Newtown (206). I think it is about 25 miles from Humphreys to Newtown. The pastor lives in Humphreys, the church is in Newtown. It is a very depressed area; not much in the way of work, opportunity or hope.

Pastor Lewis Rogers works the area harder than a man half his age might work it. He invites families to church and if parents won't come, he brings their kids. He made three trips one night to bring kids to the church. Sometimes I felt that he was wasting his time talking to some of the people. It seemed obvious to me that he had made no connection with them and they were serious when they said that they were not coming to church. On Saturday night, I told my wife about two such young men. Lewis was not going to get them to church and he was wasting his time trying.

I know that God was laughing at me Sunday morning when one of them walked in with his grandmother. I'm not sure if Sunday morning was more of an encouragement to me or to Pastor Rogers. It didn't seem like the first three nights were very well attended by the locals. Some guests from Zion Baptist in Cainsville were there each night and helped with the attendance on those nights. Sunday morning saw many of the people that we had visited on Friday and Saturday in attendance. One girl made a profession of faith in Jesus as Savior. One boy that had made his profession a couple of weeks ago came forward for baptism. Two others asked to move their membership to Medicine Valley Community Ministries and I heard another adult talking to Pastor Rogers later about moving his membership to MVCM as well. I spoke with one man that had never come with his wife and little girl before Friday night. He was back on Sunday and I believe that he will continue to attend. I believe that soon he will make his public profession of faith in Jesus.

I had a great time at the Newtown-Harris school on Friday morning. Congrats to Principal Ms. Foster. Her students were well behaved and attentive. I hope that they enjoyed the assembly as more than a break from class!

Next weekend, Browning MO.


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