Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Weekend and More

So much has happened in the past two weeks, it's difficult to know where to begin. Let's begin with the Thank-yous.

Thanks so very much to Pastor Rusty Abbott, his wife Lou Ann, daughter Jessica and all of the folks at First Baptist Browning. I had a very good weekend with them. It was great to be re-acquainted with the members there and to get to share some magic and a message from God's Word. The church is unlike many in the rural area of northern Missouri. In spite of the economics of the surrounding areas, this fellowship seems to be prospering. They genuinely love each other and their Lord. I believe that they are on the verge of doing a great work in their community. I'm really not sure what it will be. I just know that they want to do something. God wants them to do something. And when they seek His will and move accordingly, something really cool will happen.

To George and Mary who rededicated themselves to Jesus, continue to strive to seek Him out and to live for Him. For my part, I will continue to be in prayer for all of you and yours.

On the home front...

We are buying a new piece of property. Actually, it's an old piece of property. At one time it was the hospital in Ozark. It is located just a block off of the square and in an area that has had much growth over the past few years. The area just to the west of the property, is a part of a New Urbanist Development project that is just beginning. Our immediate plans are to rehab the inside to provide us with living space and an office for myself. It will need a lot of work and we still have to do some checking on restrictions from the Historic Society and on some special financing and grants that are available. We will need to add off street parking and get our existing home ready for the market. As if we didn't have enough to do already! Just the same, we are excited about the move to downtown and looking forward to the finished product. I'll try to get some more pics (inside) at a future time.

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