Monday, April 10, 2017


It seems impossible that our Ozarks Chapter of the American Christian Writers (OCACW) has nearly reached the end of our year. Our working year mirrors the academic year and runs from September through May. That means we have only one meeting remaining.

I keep thinking that I need to be more disciplined in writing.
I don't know if that means writing towards a specific goal every day (like a book) or just writing every day.
I do know that writers need to write.

I have a couple of ideas on writing.
One is a sci-fi/Christian apologetics book that uses a fictional story line to share the truth of the gospel. The basic idea is there, but it will take a lot of research and development to bring an end product about.
Another is a daily devotional using Haiku or short verse poem to summarize a text of the Bible.
Although I enjoy putting miles on my motorcycle, my interactions while riding are rare and so I don't know that I would have much to write about as a biker.

In truth, I feel that I have abandoned my more creative self at some point and will really need to nurture that part of me in order to see and write more effectively. The speaker at our meeting last Saturday said that writers and artists see the world differently than others -- a bird doesn't just fly, it soars through the air with purpose or playfully challenges the wind.
I need those eyes.

I also need to develop an attitude that allows me to write about stories that are ordinary. I believe that we can find lessons or entertainment in everyday kinds of happenings. Even though there is little excitement and few extraordinary events that take place in my quiet little life, it is what I experience and I can write about and I'll just have to let others determine its value in their world.
Or, I suppose I could fantasize about living a much more exciting life and write about a life that only exists in my imagination.

I guess I'll just write and see what happens...

John <><

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Mike said...

I think everyone sees the world differently.