Sunday, April 09, 2017

Simple Moments

I know that not every life is a noteworthy life.
Nor is every moment a story to be shared.
In fact, most of us live a quiet life that others barely notice as they live their quiet lives along side of us.

But that doesn't mean that our lives are without simple pleasures that we enjoy for a moment. Many of them are not un-ordinary happenings; just simple things that caught our attention for a moment.

As I was riding home through central Illinois this past week, I passed a bald eagle perched in a tree. I thought briefly that I should stop and take a picture, but was already moving on and turning back on the interstate would have been more trouble that I wanted to add to my day. And it's not like I'd never seen a bald eagle before, but it was a notable (if very brief) moment in my day.


I like my motorcycle.
I think it is an attractive bike. Although it isn't a very big bike as cruisers go, it works for me.
I was getting ready to mount up in a parking lot last week. An older couple was parked across from me and walking to their car. The woman said, "I don't know anything about motorcycles, but I know pretty and that is a pretty bike!"
Yeah, it made me smile as I thanked her.

And for a little added affirmation, just moments later a younger man walked past me and said, "Pretty bike."

This is my ride, packed and ready for the road.

The 400+ mile ride out was a cold, damp day.
The ride home was windy, but much warmer and sunny.

I stopped for gas and something to drink on the way home and an older gentleman wanted to talk. He looked like he may have been on a lunch break or maybe just off work. He was wearing a security guard's uniform and mentioned (a few times) that he is 72 years old!
He told me a little about his day and walked out of the building so that he could see where my bike was parked and take a look at it. He asked what kind it was and how big the engine was. I asked if he rode and he said he never had. (I may have heard a little regret in his answer.)


I am beginning to pay more attention to those small moments in my days.
They are worth pondering.

John <><


Duckbutt said...

Being a good listener is a real art.

Kevin Gilmore said...

Taking time to notice the extraordinary things in life takes practice but once I started to do that I began to notice that most days offered something a little extra special. It's usually in those moments where I purposely slow my life down that those moments make themselves known to me. And as Duckbutt said -- being a good listener helps. I'm working on that.