Monday, April 24, 2017

Social Media Diversity

I'm not a big social media freak, but I do have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
While all of my accounts are public (anyone can see them), I have only been selective about friends on Facebook.
I have to admit that I often wonder what the people with healthy accounts (yoga, exercise, diet, etc.) think when I post a pic of my latest cigar or a sauerkraut smothered ballpark hotdog!

Some of the fitness accounts that I follow are business accounts and only post about their particular healthy lifestyle area. Others are personal accounts that share other aspects of personal life -- some have strict, healthy lifestyles, others have moments of weakness and indulgence.

I am generally surprised when someone that I don't know chooses to follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Most of them come from one or more mutual accounts that we follow. My guess is that they are more interested in me following them back than they are in actually following me.
The truth is -- I rarely post anything that resembles fitness or healthy living. I post pics of food (some healthy, some not), cigars, motorcycle, baseball, coffee, life, etc. That I post an occasional pic of my daily step total does little to offset the rest.

The pics I post on Instagram show up on my Twitter account and then on Facebook. I tweet UFC, baseball, hockey, motorcycles, Haikus, memes that I find interesting or humorous, and occasional things related to my faith in Jesus.
I rarely post directly to my Facebook account. Those post usually come from Twitter.

While I follow a number of celebrities (athletes, actors, journalists, politicians, etc.), none of them follow me back. No real surprise, there! (Actually, there is one sports writer that follows me on twitter.) As far as I know, only a couple of my blogger friends follow me on social media sites.

If you are interested, you can find me as @magicianary on Twitter and Instagram (or /magicianary on Facebook).

Just something I think about occasionally.

John <><

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Mike said...

I have a twitter account but I never check it. Blogger and Facebook are all I can handle.