Monday, February 13, 2017


I know that spring is still more than a month away, but the calendar isn't important right now.
First of all, the weather in the Ozarks has been wonderful! It made it up to 81f (27.2c) over the weekend.

I didn't really get out to ride my motorcycle this weekend. I did ride it when I had to be somewhere and managed a relatively short pleasure ride (less than 50 miles) Sunday afternoon while Chris was napping. I saw quite a few bikers out and know of many that took advantage of the sunshine and warm weather to dust off the motorcycles and enjoy the wind.

One of the advantages of being retired is being able to enjoy the road while everyone else is at work! I imagine that MO125 had quite a bit of traffic on Saturday. Today was considerably cooler than Saturday's temps (50-55f or 10-12.8c), but still sunny and pretty nice for a ride. On the 60+ mile length of MO125 I only encountered a dozen or so northbound vehicles and didn't see a single southbound vehicle ahead of me nor in my mirrors the entire trip. Two trucks eventually pulled up as I was waiting on the ferry to cross Bull Shoals Lake.

Here's a pic from the ferry as we are crossing the lake.

I made use of my new bluetooth headset to listen to some music for the first 70 miles or so, but turned it off at the ferry and rode the second half of the trip listening to the wind and enjoying the view. On another day, I might have stopped somewhere for a snack and a soda. Today, I was happy to just ride. The total trip was about 145 miles with nice curves and hills (and beautiful scenery) for the first 110 miles or so. The last stretch was straight with some hills as I used US65 from Omaha AR to home.

It's raining now (11pm) and I'm hoping that it stops by morning. I need to go into Springfield in the morning and will ride the bike if it's dry. It will only be about 40f (4.4c) but that'll be warm enough if it's dry.

It's baseball season again!
Spring training camps are open and players are getting ready for the season.
I. Am. Ready!

John <><

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