Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

I have been through phases where I have shared many political and controversial posts and I have been through phases where I have deliberately refrained from such posts.

I have seen overall readership drop drastically from sharing political posts and I have had some of my most read/shared posts be the more controversial ones.

I'm to the point that I don't want to offend people nor misrepresent people by putting them into boxes of my choosing (I've been put into the wrong box many times), but I am  also to the point of not being willing to be silent in the face of outright lies and misinformation.

We now live in a society (in the USA) where alternative facts, outright lies, and political spin are the norm and have been accepted by many as the truth. It seems that politicians and news outlets are exempt from telling the truth if lies will produce votes or viewers. Even religious leaders have fallen into the category of those that spread lies for personal fame.

It is way past the time for us to call fake news and alternative facts what they really are -- LIES!
And it is time for us to call those that spread this misinformation what they really are -- LIARS!

I know that it once was a huge offense to be labeled as a liar.
There was once a greater burden of proof put on the one calling the liar a liar than there was on the person telling the lie. The person calling out a liar was the one forced to defend their claim rather than the liar being faced with the truth.

I'm okay with that!

I am tired of being lied to by politicians and the news media.
I will call out lies where ever I find them.
And I will share them here at Out of My Hat.

You will find a new label Liar! Liar!
If you have a news story or political statement that is fake or a lie, you can submit it for exposure. Send me the story and the real truth (gospelmagic@gmail,com) and I will check it out and expose it.
Liars need to be called liars!

Let's put an end to fake news and alternative facts.

Yeah, I'm a little ticked off.
Care to join me?

John <><


Big Sky Heidi said...

'Alternative facts' is definitely putting lipstick on a pig.

Mike said...

I have a very conservative friend that receives these misinformed emails. He sends them to me knowing I'll check them out and send any proofs back to him. Most of the time it's a short visit to snopes to disprove the email.

John Hill said...

Unfortunately, stuff that your friend sends to you, he has already sent to many others and he will not send them proof of his ignorance. That is why we must continue to call out these lies whenever we see them and expose liars and ignorant dupes for what they are!
Keep up the good work, Mike!