Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Too busy to work!

Yes, it is going to be a busy summer!

If you haven't checked out the "Coming Events" section in the right column (if you're viewing the mobile version you'll need to view the Web version by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the link) you should!

In my first summer of retirement, I really didn't notice an increase of ministry activity.
But, WOW! This summer's schedule is filling up!

Right now, my Sundays are still pretty free. If you are a pastor with vacation plans, don't wait until the last minute to schedule your pulpit supply!
This is also a good time to schedule your fall revivals or entertainment for your holiday events. I have a few fall events scheduled but haven't posted them yet as they are later in the year.

I am happy for the opportunities to minister and serve in the Kingdom. Perhaps it is best that the interim pastor position didn't work out.

I'm afraid I may not get as much motorcycle time as I'd like next month. I'd better get my road time in when I can. I need to work out a magic show that packs small (small enough to fit into my saddle bags) and plays big!

Be well!
John <><

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Mike said...

The Motorcycle Minister. It's got a ring to it.