Sunday, May 01, 2016

2016 --The Second Third

It is May!

A full third of 2016 is in the history books and we are on to another month!
I have to admit that I've gotten pretty lazy over the past few months. Although I started the year with some pretty good fitness intentions, they have fades into occasional thoughts of fitness activity. And I have really slacked off on the healthy eating part. Actually, I still consume plenty of healthy food, I just haven't cut out the not so healthy stuff.

The new plan is to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go back to walking every day. Maybe I'll have to make some personal rule about walking before riding. Yes, that motorcycle has been a bit of an obstacle. If the weather is decent (or even if it's not), I'd much rather be out on the motorcycle than strolling along the streets of Ozark. Maybe I can combine the two and ride to a nearby State Park or to the Nature Center for a walk before riding home. They also have kayak and canoe rentals at the Springfield Lake Park that I could take advantage of.

The only problem comes in dressing for the ride and for the hike/walk/float or other activity. My motorcycle is equipped with saddlebags for packing a change and a backpack is always an option if I don't want to leave stuff with the cycle -- so I guess I really have no excuse.

I also need to get back to using the stationary cycle for some in house exercise while watching the Cardinals play baseball. So far, I've manged to avoid watching most of the games and just keeping up with them via the ESPN updates sent to my phone. To be sure, I have watched enough of them to consider the time I'm wasting in front of the TV, but -- is it really a waste of time? And sometimes I've had to multi-watch and flip back and forth between a Blues hockey game or a UFC event -- sometimes ALL THREE are on at the same time!

I need a sports bar in my basement!

In any case, it's back to healthy living and fitness. Summer is coming and I'm getting fat again.
The struggle is real, folks.
But so is the answer.

John <><


Mike said...

"fitness intentions"

I had those once. But with a lot of rest and relaxation I got over them.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Walking is good! Reward yourself with a ride afterwards.