Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Challenge ...

One of the things that I generally do when I visit a church as a guest preacher is to challenge the believers to to find one person in one week that they are reasonably sure that is not a fellow follower of Jesus and tell them these two statements: "God loves you," and "Jesus died for you."

I did that this past weekend in Blunt SD and also agreed to accept the challenge. The problem that I run into these days is that I rarely really see anybody that I really engage in a conversation (part of my introvert and isolated personality). In an attempt to fulfill my part of the challenge, I introduced myself to a neighbor that I often see as I am walking. We usually wave or great one another, but don't really know each other or have any kind of conversation.

The man was out with a couple of his sons, so I stopped and introduced myself. Although the family has lived there almost a year, he has just recently returned from the oil fields of North Dakota. Our conversation made its way to my asking where they went to church and they go to a nearby church that is pastored by one of my friends. Knowing my friend, they are already well aware that God loves them and Jesus died for them!

I'm going to have to find someone else!

Maybe I could solicit your help.
If you are a follower of Jesus and would like to help, all you have have to do is find one person that you are reasonably certain is not a fellow Christian and tell them these two simple sentences -- "God loves you," and "Jesus died for you."

That's it! You don't even have to engage them in any other discussion about it. Of course if you (or they) want to continue the conversation, please do. If you get stuck, just tell them, "Come and see," and invite them to church Sunday. Go pick them up and maybe spring for lunch afterwards!
You can even tell them that some guy on a blog you read asked you to do it.
Then report back here in the comment section and let me know that the deed has been done.

For those of you that actually encounter people during your day, it should be a simple task.

Right now, you might look up and see someone nearby. Just say, "Hey, I'm reading this blog and it says I should tell someone that God loves you and Jesus died for you. I just picked you so here it comes -- 'God loves you and Jesus died for you!' "

I'm counting on your help.

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I think that it's a great idea, even with believers. It's nice to get an affirmation or reassurance.

Mike said...

"For those of you that actually encounter people during your day..."

If you stay in your basement all day you don't have to worry about that.